Investment Criteria

  • Acceleration – Early stage investment between $10,000 and $20,000
  • Seed Round – Investment between $20,000 and $75,000
  • Follow on – We can invest up to an additional $250,000 in previous investments
  • Type of Investment: Equity

We’re looking for high potential entrepreneurs with startups in two main niches: B2B startups that attack the Latin American market or startups that have a presence in Latin America, but whose target market is the US/Europe/China.

We define startups as high potential companies that are attacking a market with potential for scalable growth. They are not traditional businesses that just happen to use the internet.


Our twice annual accelerator program is for startups who haven’t quite figured out product market fit, but are attacking interesting markets and are led by high potential entrepreneurs who want to be mentored by successful entrepreneurs who have done it before.

If you’re selected, you’ll join up to three other companies for a six month intensive acceleration program directed by entrepreneurs who have successfully created and/or sold their own companies. Based in the Magma Partners offices, we provide a place for you to work and access to our network of global contacts to help you expand once you’ve found the right product-market fit. The goal of the accelerator program is to prepare you to meet our investment criteria so that we can invest an additional $50,000 to help you grow.

Seed Round

$20,000-$50,000, Follow on up to an additional $250,000

Minimum requirements:

Traction: Traction means clients, revenue, letters of intent, successful meetings or something similar. Not just an idea. If you just have an idea, we want you to go out and validate it. If you want ideas about how to validate your business without money, check out our blog or send us an email.

A revenue model: You must have a way to make money or at least an idea of how you’ll make money in the future.

Domain knowledge and personal experience: We’d like you to have some experience in the industry where you seek to grow, and with the problem you’re trying to solve.

An unfair advantage: We’d like you to have a solid reason, other than “we’re really smart” (we already know that!), for why you’re going to succeed over your competitors.

A Balanced team: We look for balanced teams whose skills compliment each other and hopefully have previously worked together.

We prefer to be the first investor in the companies we work with, but will invest in high potential companies that already have a previous investor.

We’re very interested in hearing more about your business– please fill out our application form and a partner will get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within a week.

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