The Magma Partners Latin America Investment Thesis

At Magma Partners, we invest in the best entrepreneurs we can find. We would rather invest in an amazing entrepreneur with a mediocre idea rather than a mediocre entrepreneur with an amazing idea. An amazing entrepreneur can always change their idea. We also strongly believe that Magma must be able to provide direct help to […]

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Ten Frequent Mistakes Made by Chilean Entrepreneurs

Since we launched Magma Partners, I’ve reviewed 300+ applications for funding, the vast majority from Chile, with some from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, USA and Uruguay. Of those 300+, we’ve invested in seven. I’ve met some amazing entrepreneurs and have learned from many of them. But the vast majority of companies we’ve reviewed have similar problems […]

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Vesting Agreements: Why they should be the first thing you do when you start a company

Vesting is an industry standard in US startups, but from what we’ve seen, the vast majority of Chilean startups and pymes do not use vesting, most of the time because they haven’t heard about it or don’t completely understand what it is. Think of vesting as an insurance policy for you and your cofounder in […]

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One of our criteria to be able to invest in a company is that the company must have traction. There’s been lots of confusion about traction: what it means and how you can get it without spending lots of money. This post aims to help clear up the situation so that you can focus on […]

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Magma Partners Launch and Press

As part of our launch, we were featured in a number of outlets in Chile and Latin America, most of which were in Spanish. Andes Beat and Pulso Social wrote about us in English. The Andes Beat article, titled With two confirmed investments, Magma Partners launches the most transparent investment firm in Chile, talked about […]

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Introducing Magma Partners

Today, we’re excited to announce our launch of our new seed stage fund, Magma Partners, the first Chilean-US fund that uses 100% private capital from the founding partners. Our goal is to invest from $25.000 to $75.000 in 6-10 high potential startups and small businesses per year for the next three years, using industry standards […]

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A beautiful view

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A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that

Martin Luther King
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Sand hills

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