Chief Technology Officer

Billpocket is Mexico’s leading fintech for allowing SMEs to accept credit cards.. Since 2013, Billpocket has enabled more Merchants to accept all credit and debit cards than any bank in the country. Its simplicity and unbeatable distribution networks have made Billpocket the most efficient and profitable merchant acquirer in the region. With the right investors, a proven formula and a set of new products, Billpocket is ready to build a new era of financial inclusion in LatAm. To attack this huge opportunity, we are gathering the smartest people to build an outlier executive team that guides Billpocket into becoming the largest payments network on the continent.

Within this exceptional team, the Chief Technology Officer is the key player to build and grow our tech team, run and improve our architecture and maintain up to date our technology stack while promoting an organizational culture that gets employees to develop a tech first mentality around all the challenges we assess.

We have built a platform that allows merchants to start processing cards in just a few minutes, deposit their sales in a bank account or a Billpocket Mastercard and receive cash advance loans on their sales. We serve our merchants with predictive algorithms that indicate when a merchant might be experiencing problems and let us act in advance to losing them to churn. Now, we need this platform to allow us to operate in new countries, serve 10x the merchants we serve now and give us more business intelligence to act on it. The CTO will have to build a top talented team of 70+ engineers in the short term to make all of these happen.

We are looking not only for an expert technologist but a vigilante of our tech, its resilience and security, and how it enables Billpocket’s exponential growth.


● Ensure the high resilience and functionality of our platform and systems

● Build a world class tech team to assess the challenges of bringing financial services to everyone in Latin America

● Empower the wow effect to our merchants through the implementation of the newest and best technologies available

● Provide assurance of the business continuity from the technological perspective to the organization and all of its stakeholders

● Ensure the compliance and security of our platform and systems

● Enable the operational excellence of the team through technology

● Improve the technological capabilities of the organization


● Design and ensure the execution of the technology roadmap of the organization

● Communicate the technological strategy to all the levels of the organization

● Build and grow a high performers team of engineers and technology developers to enable the high growth of the organization

● Monitor and ensure the quality of the product developed by the tech team

● Maintain a consumer-focused outlook and aid in the delivery of tech projects to market

● Maintain updated the technology stack of the organization to meet its actual and future requirements

● Manage the technology budget of the organization and make investments to align the company with its vision

● Ensure the compliance and security of the organization’s systems with the applicable regulation

● Communicate and impersonate the techie spirit of Billpocket, represent the organization in tech events and make of Billpocket a reference in tech


● Critical thinker with excellent analytical and communication skills and a strong business-technology orientation.

● Problem solver

● Detail-oriented

● Thought leader in the industry

● Expert in cloud infrastructure

● Proven experience in:

○ Redesigning development teams while increasing the efficiency of the existing team○Redesigning, developing and maintaining of high availability systems

○ Overseeing or executing migrations of on premise systems to cloud infrastructure

○ Overseeing or implementing cybersecurity and compliance

○ Agile product development

Experience: 15 years in tech role + 5 years in a similar position

Education: BSc / BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field. MBA or other relevant graduate degree is a plus.

Tools or technical knowledge: Solid knowledge of high availability systems, cutting edge technology stack and agile development methodologies.

Special requests: Experience with high growth organizations in which he / she has successfully built a +100 engineers team. Thought leader. Experience both in Mexico and outside of Mexico (particularly USA and Europe) is a plus.

Management skills: VERY HIGH

Trust index: VERY HIGH

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