Magma Media: Content Marketing, PR, Growth for Startups

Most startups, even the ones in our portfolio, don’t do a great job on social media, PR, communications, or digital marketing. They might have a fantastic product and great clients, but many are dropping the ball on communications. They may not have social media profiles, or have placeholders that make their startups look smaller than they really are. Others don’t do any PR or content marketing. Others are throwing money at ads without creating tracking, landing pages and streamlined targeting.Many of the entrepreneurs we support forget about their online brand. First-time founders, or even battle-scarred entrepreneurs, get caught up working on their product or business development. Or they think content marketing and PR won’t move the needle on their business. Or that they can’t afford agency services. We want the entrepreneurs we support to be focused on the most important things: sales and product, but we got tired of watching portfolio companies neglect the basics. After working with 50+ startups at Magma, we can tell you: these strategies do work. Even an extremely lean business can benefit from basic content marketing and a social media strategy. It’s the first thing that clients, investors and journalists will see when they check out your business. Rightly or wrongly, first impressions make a difference.We’ve taken the best practices from our top portfolio companies, combined with our own experience building the Magma Partners platform, and launched Magma Media to bring these services to our own portfolio companies. We’re inspired by Andreessen Horowitz’s in-house agency model. We believe that in Latin America, it’s even more important to add value to our portfolio companies. And we know great communications can help a startup succeed. They’re table stakes for every startup today.We currently offer:

  • Content marketing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese
  • PR in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese
  • Podcast production
  • Video production
  • Social Media management
  • Growth hacking: landing pages, analytics, ads

Here’s some of our success stories:

  • An LP reached out and then invested in Magma II after listening to Nathan Lustig’s Crossing Borders podcast.
  • Diego Caicedo, CEO of Magma portfolio company OmniBnk, was invited all-expenses-paid to a fintech conference in London based on his appearance in a fintech publication and got multiple inbound requests from investors interested in evaluating the business for investment.
  • Jooycar, one of the companies from our first fund, found their follow-on investor through a byline by founder Maria Paz Gillet in an insurtech industry magazine .
  • We built a brand in China, raised money from LPs and have worked with large Chinese companies after a series of articles we wrote for 36Kr (Chinese TechCrunch).

Some of the places our content has been featured include:

While we prefer to help Magma companies, we’re happy to take a look at other high growth Latin America startups and see if we can help.If you are interested in finding out how Magma Media can help your startup grow, please reach out through our application form!