Magma's a16z-inspired agency

Latin American startups generally don't fail because of a lack of money. They fail because their feedback loops are too slow. A Silicon Valley feedback loop might be days or weeks, while a Latin American feedback loop can be weeks, months or even a full year!

We started the Magma Agency to help our portfolio companies shorten their feedback loops and grow their startups faster. Working with Magma Agency helps companies avoid the pitfalls of wasting time and money on subpar agencies, and focus on what they do best: building their business.


Content Marketing Works!

Most startups overlook content marketing, PR and communications when they are just getting started. Many fail to build out a full strategy as they get bigger. Magma has been on the forefront of content creation, PR, podcast production and digital marketing strategy as a fund. We've learned best practices building our fund and helping some of Latin America's best startups.

Our media team helps Magma portfolio companies build out and execute their content strategies. We know it works. When we have excess capacity, we take non-Magma clients. If you're interested in learning more about Magma Media services and how they can help your business, please feel free to contact us.