Magma's founder support team helps founders scale faster.

We help shorten feedback loops to make you more likely to be successful.

Founder Services

We help our portfolio companies shorten feedback loops, iterate faster and scale more quickly.

Our team of operators helps founders level up quickly so that they can focus on the most important parts of their businesses.
We help you avoid wasting time and money on subpar contractors and over-hiring by giving portfolio companies access to our founder support team. Focus on building your business.

magma design

Create a strong brand image

Top tier design is table stakes for startups to raise money, recruit the best talent and win customers. Your startup needs to look the part. Building a single brand image that works across all platforms and channels is key in building trust.

magma media

Content Marketing Works!

Most startups overlook communications when they are just getting started, and many fail to build out a full strategy as they get bigger. Magma has been on the forefront of content creation, PR, podcast production and digital marketing strategy building our fund and we share what we've learned to help our portfolio.

magma dev

We know how critical software development is for tech startups.

Magma's engineering and design team helps our portfolio companies by augmenting their teams and providing help with custom web development, analytics implementation, conversions and customer acquisition. We'll work with you to accelerate iterations and feedback loops.

magma talent

Every startup knows that talent is essential to Its success.

Few create a proactive strategy around talent. Many startups fail to reach their potential because they don't have the right people in the right positions at the right time.

We are working directly with our portfolio companies to develop and execute a talent strategy for every stage of their growth curve.

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