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~33% of Magma investments start off 100% cold via a Magma Memo

You shouldn't need a warm intro to access venture capital, which is why we created the Magma Memo. Our investment team reads 100% of the Magma Memos we receive, and responds personally to 100% of the Magma Memos we receive.

Your Magma Memo helps us get ready for our first meeting with startups looking for funding by getting to know you and your business ahead of time so that we can really dig in during our first meeting and get to know you and your team better.

We're looking to invest in:

  • Top Teams: We like to partner with entrepreneurs who have founder market fit: founders who have an unfair advantage. We want to understand why you're the best team in the world to solve the problem you're trying to solve.
  • Big Markets, Scalable Growth: We want to understand how you can build a fast growth, scalable, technology driven business with $25M-$100M+ of revenue over the next 5-10 years.

Create a Magma Memo for investment, or just to get feedback

Whether you're looking for investment or just want feedback on your business, we promise to give you personalized, direct feedback on 100% of the Magma Memos we receive via this page.

A few extra hints on how to respond and why we will care

  • Write directly

  • Longer doesn’t mean better

  • Tell us your story

  • Double check your numbers before hitting submit

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Need help?

If you need help creating your Magma Memo, please read these articles. They will help you write the best application and have the best chance of getting funded.

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