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1 in 3 startups we fund come 100% cold from Magma Memos.

Even if we don't fund your startup, we send personalized feedback to 100% of the Memos we receive.

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You shouldn't need a warm intro to access venture capital. Create your Magma Memo to get funded.

Our investment team evaluates your startup when we receive a Magma Memo. We send personalized feedback to 100% of founders who create a Magma Memo.

Your Magma Memo helps you and our investment team get ready for a first meeting. We get to know your business, your team and your industry better, and you understand the basic information we need to decide if we invest in your business.

We're looking to back founders solving big problems with:

Top Teams

We like to partner with entrepreneurs who share our values, who can tell us why they're the best people in Latin America to solve the problem they're trying to solve.

Big Markets, Scalable Growth

We want to understand how you can build a fast growth, scalable, technology-driven business that reaches at least $25M+ revenue over the next 5-10 years.

Create a Magma Memo to receive investment, or just to get feedback

Whether you're looking for investment or just want feedback on your business, we promise to give personalized, direct feedback on 100% of the Magma Memos we receive.

create your magma memo

magma memo

A few hints on how to create the Memo and attract our attention:

• Write directly
• Be concise, go straight to the point
• Tell us your story
• Double check your numbers before hitting submit

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create your magma memo