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How to build an early-stage startup deck in Latin America

There are many great resources on building decks to raise money. After giving advice on this to Magma founders over the years, I wrote an actionable list of how I would think about doing a deck.

How is Magma's investment process?

The goal of this post is to help you understand our process, and give you the best tips to stand out and increase your chances of raising money with Magma at each step.

How to get the most out of a first investment meeting with Magma Partners

Our first investment calls are generally 30-45 minutes, depending on the stage of the business. Find out why we never meet in person before having a call, and why we almost never do a call without a Magma Memo.

The A, B, and C player framework: helping build amazing teams

One of your top three most important jobs as a founder is building a great team. One framework that helps you build your team is the ABC player framework.

Guide: How to create the best investor updates for early stage latin american startups

The best entrepreneurs send investor updates religiously. Whether it's monthly or quarterly, the best founders pick a cadence and stick to it. In good times and in bad. They don’t hide anything.

Guide: How to announce an early stage funding round for Latin American startups

After you get an investment, you may want to announce the round. Depending on the round size, who you raised from, and how timely your story is, you may be able to get coverage not only locally, but also internationally.

How bylines help founders become thought leaders, raise capital, attract top talent, and find clients

Founders frequently ask us how they can get more clients, raise capital, or recruit top talent for their teams. One of the highest bang for the buck investments is writing bylines that share your perspective and unique point of view.

How to build a “Work With Us” career page to attract top talent

After finding product market fit, building the right team is probably the most important job a founder has. But recruiting is difficult for the vast majority of startups and most early stage companies don’t have the resources to invest...

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