Advice for Investing In Startup Companies

January 8, 2017

February 23, 2021

A version of this post first appeared on Nathan Lustig's personal blog in English. Tambien, una version de este post aparece en español con el titulo Lo Que Debes Saber Antes de Invertir en Startups. También fue una charla (video).

As startups and tech investing has gone mainstream with things like AngelList, Shark Tank, The Social Network, the proliferation of accelerators and incubators, and the celebritization of founders and VCs, more money has flowed into the industry.Most non professional investors interested in startups are starting to dabble in early stage companies as angel investors. Friends often send me deals they’re think about investing in, asking for advice.Here’s a concrete example of a typical question from a successful entrepreneur friend looking to invest:

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