Magma Manifesto: Latin America's Inflection Point

July 2, 2019

February 23, 2021

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity isn’t. It’s a powerful idea that most Latin Americans innately know to be true.

From Patagonia to Mexico, Colombia to Brazil, we see talented, hardworking, people who haven’t been able to make the most of their talents because of poorly run education systems, under investment and low social mobility.

We can blame governments, corruption, elites, colonization, foreign interference. All deserve some blame.

But smartphones and access to the internet changed everything.

Today, almost everyone can access all the world’s knowledge right from their pocket. We can learn whatever we want without asking gatekeepers for permission. We can change the course of our lives.

That's not to say it's easy. There are still massive structural problems that deny millions access to opportunity, but technology - and those who build it - are helping millions more access opportunities to better their lives. And that of their children.

Technology’s created Latin American inflection point. As we're more connected than ever, Latin Americans is taking a huge step forward and start to make up for lost time.

That huge step starts with you. Whether you're an entrepreneur, working at a startup or using the internet to make you and your community better, we're excited to join you in helping make Latin America a better place.

We're Magma Partners, a venture capital firm designed to support you, the entrepreneurs, who are pushing the region forward, showing others that it’s possible to build global businesses from LatAm and helping improve people's quality of life.

Our team and the investors who support us feel a responsibility to help pave the way forward, creating a return not just on capital, but also on community.

Together, let’s build Latin America so that everyone’s talent has the opportunity it deserves.