Magma Partners invests in Keynua

March 19, 2019

February 23, 2021

Keynua is a platform for digital signatures that works to improve online identity verification through e-signatures and video identification technology.

The startup aims to establish a region-wide platform for identifying individuals and validating their transactions without the need for a notary, which will aid businesses in Latin America to streamline internal processes.

With Keynua, individuals record a three-second video where they verbally agree and ‘sign’ a document as well as providing proof of their visual identity as an alternative way of signing official documents.

Keynua was founded by Alfredo Granda, Inma Cañadas, Luis Alban, and Manuel Olguin in early 2019. The company is based in Lima, Peru and aims to expand into the rest of the country before scaling in the region.

Keynua is led by the same Peruvian team that created Cinepapaya, the largest movie ticketing service in the region until it was acquired by Fandango in 2016.