Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Latin American Startup Talent

September 26, 2016

February 23, 2021

I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about how to identify and retain Latin American talent for your startups. It's a bit different than recruiting in the US and I figured that the things I've learned running Magma for 2+ years would be helpful to other startups. Some highlights:

One of a founder’s most important duties is Identifying and recruiting top talent. Finding and convincing the best people to work for your startup can be the difference between success and failure. There are hundredsofgreatresources on how to find great talent in the US, but Latin America is very different. US strategies don’t usually work in Latin America.Recruiting for startups in the US is difficult because the market is extremely competitive and well developed. But it can be easier because many people want to work at a startup because “startups are cool.” Sometimes they even pay well.Many US workers choose a mission driven company that aims to change the world, or a company that offers workers the opportunity to work on interesting problems, rather than the company that pays the most or has the highest brand recognition. Additionally, structural advantages like recruiters and well developed stock options plans showcase startup opportunities and push more people to take a risk with a startup.In Latin America, it’s different. It can be difficult to recruit for startups, but not because of competition from other startups.

Read the rest of the post, How to Identify and Recruit Latin American Talent on my blog.Photo credit: Founderlist