Tips for Foreigner Entrepreneurs Doing Business in Latin America

May 19, 2016

February 23, 2021

I wrote a blog post about how to do business in Latin America that I think will be helpful to entrepreneurs, especially non Latin American natives. It's a modified version of a talk I gave to Startup Chile.

When Startup Chile invited me to share my advice for new foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Latin America, it gave me an opportunity to synthesize the things I’ve learned over the past five years living and working in Latam. After coming to Startup Chile with a startup that did business in the US, teaching entrepreneurship at Chilean universities, starting a Latin American property business, starting my own ecommerce startups and meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs looking for investment via Magma Partners, I’d gotten a pretty good feel for the cultural differences between Latam and the US.When I first got to Chile in 2010, I knew there were cultural differences, but I just worked under the impression that if I worked hard in the same way I did in the US, I’d be successful, like I had been in the US. Working hard helped, but there were many cultural misunderstandings that hampered my progress.

Read the full post about doing business as a foreigner in Latin America on my blog.