Doing Business in Latin America SUP Academy Talk

August 21, 2016

February 23, 2021

Apologies for the poor audio quality. Hopefully its still useful.Here’s the show notes:

0:00 – Introduction: My storyExchangehut, Entrustet, Welcu, Startup Chile, How I ended up in Chile.

4:30 – Magma Team Overview + Introducing Beatriz Cereceda, our Entrepreneur in Residence

6:30 – Magma portfolio + What we do and how we’re different

11:00 – How to raise money in the US as a Latam company

15:30 –  The types of businesses you should think about starting in Latin AmericaB2B Examples: Pricing Compass, Myhotel, Deenty,, Amberads

18:30 – More examples: Companies with their back office in Latam and sales in the US/Europe/AsiaExamples: Archdaily, PropertySimple, Bankity,, Keteka, Amberads

20:20 – Why social startups should be in the US, not Latam

20:45 – Advice for doing B2B sales in Latam, focused on Chile

24:00 – Copying/Cloning in Latam + Adapting to local realities

29:45 – Why acquisitions are less common and for lower multiples in Latam

32:40 –  Q and A – How does Magma make money investing in Latam?

35:30 Whats the sales cycle look like for B2B companies in Latam?

36:30 – How do we decide how much equity we ask for?

37:30 – Are there accredited investor requirements in chile? Are there active angels?

39:00 – Is there a startup bubble in Latam? Worldwide? How attitudes have changed in Latam since 2010? Note: I misspoke on this answer saying MRR when I meant ARR.2010. Chantapreneurs and serial contest “winners” starting to fail.

40:30 Is there a US startup bubble?

Photo Credits: Daniel Eckler, Eduardo Beltran, Elvis Kennedy, Richard Hurd, Garrett Ziegler, Gerard Van der Leun, Mark Hunter, Dennis Yang